Chinese Herbal Medicine

Listen Playing... Paused You're listening to an example of the Audible music edition. With heart disease still the best cause of death in the West, it appears that for all those our knowledge, for all the complex treatments and medicines we have developed, and bountiful Chinese herbal supplements, we are still not necessarily sure how to manage the body's most important organ. Cardiovascular disease is a completely preventable condition and a tragic sign of a global that has lost touch using its natural rhythm.
Another interesting point to consider is that herbal materials for commercial products are collected from wild plant populations and cultivated medicinal plants. The expanding herbal product market could drive overharvesting of plants and threaten biodiversity. Poorly managed collection and cultivation practices may lead to the extinction of endangered plant species and the destruction of natural resources. It's been suggested that 15,000 of 50,000-70,000 medicinal plant species are threatened with extinction ( Brower 2008 ). The efforts of the Botanic Gardens Conservation International are central to the preservation of both plant populations and knowledge on how to get ready and use herbs for medicinal purposes ( Brower 2008 ; Li and Vederas 2009 ).
World Health Organization (WHO) National Policy on Traditional Medicine and Regulation of Herbal Medicines. Geneva: 2005. Report of WHO global survey. Herbal supplements contain active ingredient. The substances of several herbal preparations are up to now unknown. Like other prescription drugs, herbal medicine should always be prescribed by a professional and registered practitioner.
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Wojcikowski K, Myers S, Brooks L. Effects of garlic oil on platelet aggregation: a double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study. Platelets. 2007;18(1):29-34. When I signed up I had developed no idea how comprehensive this course would be - it has added a lot to my comprehension and confidence. This course has reinforced my inner passion for herbs and greatly expanded my knowledge about them.herbal medicine herbs